instant3Dhub 2.10.0 Release

27.09.2017 instant3Dhub Release

We are proud and happy to present the next release of instant3Dhub. The brand-new version 2.10 includes, as usual, several fixes and a couple of general improvements.


New Major Features

Dynamic Render Pipeline Selection

One major goal of instant3Dhub was always to distribute and balance rendering computations between client and server, in order to optimally adapt to different requirements. Version 2.10 is able to dynamically select the best possible render pipeline setups in a fully-automatic fashion. This is not only convenient, but also a great foundation for further extensions in the future.


Remote Culling and Rendering

The current release includes improved GPU-based service components, enabling remote culling and remote rendering scenarios. This enables users to conveniently inspect even larger models on any client device.


New Tag/Key/Label Data Selection API

Version 2.10 offers a fast indexing and selection API for data in instance graph nodes. This feature allows application developers to dynamically connect 3D scene information with application-specific data.


New Acceleration Structure for Advanced Measurements Modes

The new acceleration structure introduced with version 2.10 supports complex measurement setups on 3D shape data, even in massive data sets. This is a powerful feature for different kinds of review scenarios.


Changes and Improvements

  • webVis client
    • Improved partial loading of trees
    • Reworked context menu structures
    • Improved client/server cache state communication
    • Improved client based visibility management
    • Improved resource budgeting
  • Render Service
    • Improved GPU-based rendering and culling
    • Dynamic render service orchestratration
    • Dynamic buffer stream configuration
  • Loader
    • Improved OpenJT Loader
    • Step203 Loader
    • IFC Loader


Request an evaluation license and trial system today to test the new feature with your very own data: [LINK]