We are hiring!

14.08.2018 Uncategorized

With the ongoing success of instant3Dhub, we are constantly looking for great candidates to extend our team at the VCST department of Fraunhofer IGD.
If you have a passion for computer graphics and are willing to support our young and enthusiastic team in the development of our visual-computing-as-a-service solution, you can find more details at Fraunhofer Vacancies.

Advanced Remote Culling with instant3Dhub 2.12.0

10.08.2018 instant3Dhub Release

Remote Culling facilitates the visualization of the most complex model data on even low performaning devices. Using a server-side visibility computation only the actually visible geometry parts are loaded and rendered by the clients.

instant3Dhub 2.12.0 release

instant3Dhub Release

We proudly announce today the availability of the newest instant3Dhub release: Version 2.12.
Besides a large number of bugfixes, the update comes with some essential new features

New Major Features

  • Shape Topologie DB
    We heavily improved instant3Dhub’s ability to understand and expose the internal structures of CAD data on the visualization and API level,
    In-depth relations between CAD topology and PMI data are made tangible using the new search API and AUX inspection mode.
  • MobileUI
    The start of webVis UI always supported touch and mouse interaction but was not optimized for small mobile devices. A new and fully responsive user interface, optimized for all kinds of mobile devices with a reduced feature set is now available.
  • Windows/HoloLens App
    Massive 3D Data on the Hololens is a core requirement for a large number of the AR applications. Utilizing the instant3Dhub stack for our HoloLens application enables rendering of big CAD data using hybrid rendering techniques.

Changes and Improvements

  • web-Client Culling and Memory Management
    • More consistent frame time budgets
    • Improved prioritization of the drawn parts in larger models
  • Server Culling
    • Perfect filtering of false positive cases
  • Measurement
    • Increased performance and stability
  • Improved Data Loader
    • RVM updates
    • Native GLTF 2.0 Support