instant3Dhub 2.15.0 Release

20.12.2019 instant3Dhub Release

instant3DHub 2.15.0

Today we proudly release version 2.15.0 of instant3Dhub! This update brings a bunch of improvements and new functionalities to rendering and session management. We heavily streamlined a number of internal mechanisms, resulting in a better overall experience.

New Major Features

  • Dynamics & Animation
    instant3Dhub’s new DynamicsAPI brings support for animations to enable dynamic changes of positions, appearances and other properties. The API provides a high level abstraction to easily define animations as well as a flow management to control them. For 2020 we are already working on a webVis-based animation editor featuring an easy-to-use UI to utilize the new API without the need for programming.
  • Attachments & Paint Mode
    Animations or application data can be added to nodes using the AttachmentAPI. The data is then accessible via the InstanceGraph and will also automatically be serialized and stored with the session data. Furthermore, we added a new paint mode which allows to directly draw on the model in 3D. These paintings are a great way to mark or annotate directly in 3D space and (when used in a session or with the session storage feature) will be visualized across all connected devices like mobile phones or MS HoloLens, even in XR.
  • Rendermodes for Wireframe / Shading
    We added a number of rendering modes. Besides common shading or wireframes, geometry can also be used as an occluder or rendered as combinations of these modes. Especially for XR scenarios, this enables the use of front-facing wireframes to highlight the overlap of the augmentation or perceive visual effects like the occlusion of rendered geometry by real objects .
  • iOS Booster / ARKit Integration
    A first instant3Dhub Booster is now available for iPhones and iPads providing support for ARKit to enable XR features. instant3Dhub’s reality plugin adds a new UI for users to control their XR experience in order to place models in the real-world, switch between modes or follow the XR view of another member in a shared session.

Additional Features:

  • glTF with Links We proposed a new link system for glTF and instant3Dhub can now use glTF to represent structurally linked data. This is the second implementation of this concept after x3dom.
  • Session Storage – The new Session Storage feature provides a way to temporarily persist a running session to easily share it with future-you or your co-workers.
  • Editable Annotations – Annotations can now directly be edited to show dynamic information.
  • Dynamically Switchable Rendering Technology – webVis can now switch between Client-, Remote- & Hybrid Rendering during a live session.
  • RenderService syncs over session – Client libraries and rendering services are now synchronized using the Shared Session to streamline the communication and also enable and ease data streaming between services and the use of shared services in the near future.

Further Changes and Improvements

  • Dynamic AUX contrast
  • WebGL multidraw support for increased performance
  • Create clipping planes from axis
  • Flipping of AUX for better readability
  • BlobStore to add additional data to a session
  • Basic ModelView printing dialog
  • High-quality printing feature (resolution supersampling)
  • Fixed Group Measurement
  • Custom CSS to change the webvis theme color
  • Cleanup of webvis.d.ts
  • Lots of bug fixes…