Data Transcoding

The transcoder service generates, from the process patterns and a link to the original data, a data representation as a L3D specific to the end-device class and visualization method. In the process, the application requirements are taken into account and, if needed, processed in real time. Furthermore, the delivery service provides different delivery mechanisms (e.g. HTTPS, WebSocket, SPDY).

Results can be cached between requests, so that for a given process pattern and original data link the transcoding process is only done once and the results are cached. All subsequent requests for the same original data with the process pattern are then served from the cache instead of being processed again.

List of Supported Formats

Name Mimetype Suffix Homepage Version Spec Test VM
x3d-fastinfoset model/x3d+fastinfoset x3b, x3db V3.2 ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013 yes
x3d-xml model/x3d+xml, model/x3d x3d, x3dz, x3z V3.2 ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013 yes
x3d-vrml model/x3d+vrml, model/vrml, model/wrl x3dv, wrl, wrz, vrml V3.2 ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997 yes
x3d-a application/x-x3darchive-zip x3darchive, x3a yes
rvm model/vnd.aveva.rvm rvm yes
openjt model/jt, model/vnd.siemens.openjt jt ISO 14306:2012
plmxml model/plmxml, model/vnd.siemens.plmxml plmxml
catia model/vnd.dassault.catia CATPart, CATProduct, CGR, model, exp, session V4,V5
iges model/iges igs, iges 5.3
pro-eng model/ igs, iges 16 – Creo 3.0
inventor model/vnd.autodesk.inventor ipt, iam V6 – V2015
solidworks model/vnd.dassault.solidworks sldprt, sldasm 98, 2015
step203 model/iso.step.ap203 stp, step AP203, AP214 ISO 10303-21
step242 model/iso.step.ap242+xml stpx AP242 ISO 10303-242
vda model/vda-fs vda 2.0
acis model/vnd.dassault.acis sat, sab, asat, asab R18, R25
fbx model/vnd.autodesk.fbx fbx
dxf model/vnd.autodesk.dxf dxf
collada-dae model/vnd.collada+xml dae
blender model/vnd.blend blend
lxo model/vnd.lxo lxo
3dsmax model/vnd.autodesk.3ds 3ds yes
dx model/ x
obj model/vnd.alias.obj obj yes
ply model/vnd.stanford.ply ply yes
mpeg4 model/mpeg-bifs bifs ISO/IEC 14496-11:2005
las model/vnd.las las
cadastre model/vnd.shp shp
xyz model/ xyz
opensg model/osb, model/opensg osb, osg, opensg yes